“The CSI team worked miracles on a condo in south Florida for us. Unfortunately, a death in the family led to a very difficult task of cleaning and rehabbing a condo that had been severely neglected. In the course of 2 ½ weeks, Stan Buryn and his crew did the impossible and gutted, cleaned, sanitized, sterilized and rehabbed the condo unit to the point where we could put it up for sale the day the work was completed.

They were absolutely professional, were considerate of our requests and took a fair position on cost since there was no insurance involved and completed the job in quick order. They accomplished all the tasks, which were considerable, and were careful with the property throughout the process. We would like to thank Stan and his crew for accomplishing what we viewed as a very difficult job. The quality of the job speaks well since we were able to sign a contract for sale within 48 hours of completion. Thanks Stan.”

Stan, I wish to thank you so much for your timely, efficient and professional attention to my recent request. I wasn’t sure how to handle our issue and appreciate sincerely your support and willingness to adapt and respond to my immediate situation. A job well done. Both my wife and I wish you all the best.

I would like to sincerely thank Crime Scene Intervention for the recent cleanups you have done at our hotel. Your professionalism and prompt response to our need of urgency along with your sensitivity allowed us to resume normal business operations in a timely manner. Thank you again.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week already. While it’s still very psychologically difficult to use the bathroom, we need that room. So thanks for all your help with the clean-up, including getting here so quickly, doing such a good job, and being so sympathetic to me while doing your work. There’s no way I could have handled that mess on my own, so thank you again for your part in making the house habitable again. I hope never to meet anyone else who might need a similar service, but, if it were to occur, I’d certainly recommend CSI. Thanks again for doing what you do.