Unattended Death is Hard on Everyone

Unattended Death is hard for everyone

CSI Suicide Cleanup Pompano Beach CityIt may be pretty standard all over the media, but death is still a taboo subject in our society. Many people die in unexpected accidents, from murder, or heart attacks. When we usually think about the death of a beloved person, this is not how we imagine it at all. The worst part is knowing that the person died alone. In some cases, the person dies in terrible pain. Nobody plans for this kind of sudden tragedy. Yet that is the sad reality. A dead body leaves behind a grieving family. But it also leaves behind significant health threats. Indeed, there is one thing we often forget to say in the media. It is that a decomposing body and the blood which covers the premises are both very toxic and dangerous.

Biohazard Clean-up Is Often Involved 

Someone close to the victim thinks they can clean up the body themselves. This person must be unaware of the risks involved. When decomposition takes place, many fluids are flowing out of the body. These bloodily fluid clean-ups include blood, urine, and feces. Those substances can leak into floors, carpets, and furniture. Blood clean up is the most dangerous. The atmosphere can contain viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Some common examples are HIV, MRSA or hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. The risk of infection is very high. It is thus essential to be well equipped and have the necessary experience. Before visiting the site, the specialists have to carry out some vaccinations. We often talk about the misfortune of the victims’ families. But dead body clean up is also difficult for the cleaners. They must show both physical and mental strength.

Unattended Death Clean-up Process 

Cleaners must first assess the situation. Has decomposed tissue, blood, and body matter leaked out? How much? Where? Have the toxic substances seeped into the walls, floor, and furniture? The longer the waiting period, the more difficult it will be to remove the smell.

The second step consists of getting rid of all visible objects left behind by the corpse. These include body fluids, blood, deteriorated skin, excrement, and certain body parts. The removal of some of these things requires coordination with the local police. When a crime has occurred, the authorities open an investigation to find the cause of death. The professional approach of the cleaning companies is essential for a mission successful. Their ability to cooperate with the police ensures that the intervention goes smoothly.

A crime scene clean-up company uses special cleaning equipment. For example, a specific lighting system then employed to locate toxic surfaces. The cleaners then develop a plan to determine which objects can make a priority in the cleaning sequence. They also decide which areas will need restoration work. Once the cleaning and restoration are complete, the contaminated materials must then be disposed of properly. The transfer is always done by a specialized transport unit, in a special biohazard symbol approved bag. The toxic substances end up in the nearest incineration facility. Call Crime Scene Intervention for all your Unattended Death Cleanup needs serving South Florida from Miami to Port St Lucie

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