Details of Bioremediation

Over the past 20 years, new technologies and advances in the biotechnology industry have been rapid. This is due to the pressure on companies to address the issue of environmental pollution.   Bioremediation is an example of biotechnology that combats pollutants and contaminants. Several methods are used for this purpose by biotechnology professionals. In view … Read more Details of Bioremediation

Body Decomposition – The Real Details

For many, the sight of a human body decomposing causes terrible anguish. Cinema uses this image in many horror and detective movies. Why display dead bodies on television? Because this natural repulsion is often accompanied by considerable intrigue. This article unveils the scientific aspects. It will shed light on the hidden truths of the human … Read more Body Decomposition – The Real Details

Who Cleans up Crimes Scenes in Florida?

Specialty television programs such as Law and Order and CSI are becoming popular. Audiences watching these shows think they know what a crime scene looks like. In the beginning, staff and authorities must work together. They secure the area where the crime is committed. Then officers collect evidence. But there’s a less obvious aspect that … Read more Who Cleans up Crimes Scenes in Florida?

Fort Lauderdale Blood Clean up

Post-mortem cleaning is no ordinary cleaning. Why is it different? Because cleaning after death requires very particular know-how and, perfect knowledge and mastery of products to disinfect, decontaminate, and clean a death scene. Being confronted with death is one of the most traumatic experiences. We can intervene and carry out the clean-up after death to … Read more Fort Lauderdale Blood Clean up

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