Blood Clean Up Services – What you need to know

When a human body fails to pump oxygen to its cells, it rapidly decomposes. This causes color distortion, longer fingernails, leaking body fluids, and a different appearance. This alteration in appearance can be seen even in the case of death under medical supervision. But when an unattended death occurs, the changes speed up and intensify.  … Read more Blood Clean Up Services – What you need to know

Disease Decontamination – Virus Cleaning Services

Disinfection is an operation aimed at preventing infection by destroying germs that settle on your premises. Those include:   Bacteria Viruses Molds    To prevent the spread of those toxic substances, we offer disinfection of:   Flats Toilets  Public facilities  Banks Municipal offices Hospitals Medical facilities Cinemas Restaurants    Cleaning Services also help to get … Read more Disease Decontamination – Virus Cleaning Services

Urine Cleanup – Just as Nasty as Feces Cleanup

Urine cleaning and disinfection should be carried out by professionals. Water and soap are not enough to decontaminate surfaces. Urine, like feces, is considered a biological hazard. It can cause illness and spread viruses that can make you seriously ill.   Requiring professional urine disposal can be embarrassing for many people. But the experts at … Read more Urine Cleanup – Just as Nasty as Feces Cleanup

Suicide – Homicide Cleanup Services

Crime Scene Intervention is a specialized cleaning company that has been working for decades with government organizations and individuals. We provide services such as: Crime scene clean-up Decontamination Biohazard clean-up services These services are following events such as: Death Murder Homicide Suicide Crime   Crime Scene Cleaning Process   Crime Scene Intervention technicians use a … Read more Suicide – Homicide Cleanup Services

The Real Costs of Hoarding Clean up

All hoarding situations are unique in terms of the diversity of factors involved.  For many, hoarding is associated with congestion and disorganization. What’s more, properties affected by hoarding are also considered to have lost their value. At Crime Scene Intervention, we know that this is not true. Keep reading to see how much it could … Read more The Real Costs of Hoarding Clean up

Feces Clean up – The Nasty Reality

Cleaning excrement is not only dirty work but also dangerous. It is thus both more pleasant and safer to entrust it to a professional. Animals are often the cause of cleaning contamination. The areas most frequently involved are: Storage houses Boiler and chimney drains Attics Unoccupied houses and buildings Crime Scene Intervention has the equipment … Read more Feces Clean up – The Nasty Reality

FYI: Biohazard Clean up

Biohazard clean-up operations consist of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing any area that has been affected by: An accident An injury Death Hoarding scenes Coronavirus contamination Dealing with biohazards therefore often means getting on with: Blood Human or animal remains Chemical spills The State is not responsible for cleaning up in such situations. Once evidence is … Read more FYI: Biohazard Clean up

Cleaning up a Meth Lab

Have you tested for methamphetamine residue on your property? It’s something you don’t often think about, but it’s very important. If the preliminary results are positive, you must evacuate the premises immediately because your health is at risk. For complete disinfection, call Crime Scene Intervention technicians at 561-250-0822.   Why is Methamphetamine Dangerous?   Living … Read more Cleaning up a Meth Lab

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