Suicide Prevention & What to do if it happens to you


As a society, we have made monumental strides in understanding and discussing mental health issues. Depression is a genuine concern for many of us. If left undiagnosed and/or untreated, depression can spiral an individual into a very dark and formidable place. Unfortunately, all too often, individuals succumb to this disease and in some cases make the decision to take their own lives. 

Tragic and often challenging to understand, friends and family are left trying to make sense of this devastating loss and pick up the pieces of a broken life. There is no denying that suicide is overwhelming to all involved, but did you ever stop to consider the aftermath. When EMS leaves the scene with the body of the deceased, who is responsible for cleaning the physical wreckage remaining? 

Crime Scene Intervention employs crime scene cleanup, blood clean up, and suicide cleanup with dignity and professionalism. Our experts handle the physical disarray appropriately to ensure that all contaminates and biohazards are safely removed from the scene. Blood and other bodily tissues present after a suicide or a crime are potentially fatal if not cleaned and disposed of properly.

Here is a quick peek into the risks associated with blood clean up and suicide clean up from our crime scene cleanup professionals:


Suicide wrenches at your heart. The pain and anguish experienced by the individual before they decided to end life forever is something I will never be able to fully comprehend. What about the physical disaster left behind-especially if the suicide was a violent act, such as a gunshot wound? I don’t think you would believe me if I told you, and my job is not to convince, but believe me when I tell you that suicide cleanup is an enormous and grievous operation. 

Blood, tissues, and bodily remains spew everywhere. Unfortunately, someone has to clean it up. In the state of Florida, that responsibility falls on the family of the victim. Emotionally, suicide cleanup is not a job family member should willingly undertake on their own. The family and friends of the victim need to rely on an intervention team that will address the concern in an empathetic and civilized manner.  You need a professional crime scene intervention team to conduct the suicide clean up for you. That is what the authorities at Crime Scene Intervention are employed to handle in an effort to make this difficult time somewhat more bearable.


Violent deaths by suicide, such as gunshots and hanging, result in a LOT of bodily tissues and blood, covering a vast expanse of space. Walking into a crime scene or an environment after a suicide or brutal homicide can be traumatic for family and friends. With bodily remains everywhere, there is a real risk of potential health concerns for anyone, not appropriately dressed or trained to handle biohazardous materials. When handling blood and bodily fluids, you are at risk of hepatitis B and a host of other blood-borne illnesses.

Blood coagulates quickly-resembling a jelly substance. The reality is that it’s not as simple as using Lysol wipes to remove it. Health risks aside, appropriate cleaning is mandatory, and when executing blood clean up you must get below the surface to ensure that no residual effects remain. I would never recommend that an untrained individual attempt to clean up after a suicide or crime based solely on the blood cleanup alone. Blood cleanup is a job best left for professionals who have the mandatory equipment and knowledge to handle the sterilization process safely and effectively.


Crime Scene Intervention is the best crime scene and suicide cleanup in the state of Florida. Superiorly trained to execute our job with professionalism and the utmost respect for the deceased and their families, we provide a regrettable but exceptional service is deplorable and incomprehensible situations. Call us today.

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