Crime Scene Safety Equipment


Crime scene cleaners regularly come into contact with potentially dangerous substances. Those include blood and other body fluids. In the case of severely decontaminated bodies, they also have to deal with very bad smells. The profession thus requires appropriate safety equipment.

Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. As for cleaning products, they are all specially designed for this activity. When it comes to cleaning up potential biological hazards, soap and water are not enough. We use exclusive products that thoroughly clean the crime scene. They restore it to its original state.

What Crime Scene Intervention is All About

Imagine a man’s suicide by gunshot. The police come to the house and retrieve the bullet stuck in the wall to analyze it. Then the morgue removes the body. But who will clean the blood-stained walls and floor? That’s the role of Crime Scene Intervention.

The Crime Scene Intervention teams work like the two brothers from “Spotless”. It shows the daily life of these particular cleaners. They spray, fill up holes, vacuum up bad smells with specialized products. At the end, they recycle the unsoiled objects in places adapted for this purpose.

This unusual service is offered by Crime Scene Intervention. The goal of our intervention is to bring to families, companies or communities, the solution to make places healthy. We are available 24 hours a day.

The Proper Tools for Crime Scene Clean Up

Every detail counts and nothing should stand in his way. Crime scene cleaners not only clean up the mess. They track down encrusted liquids and blood stains, tidy up and put things in order. They also remove insects and dust. To do this, they use specific products. For the return of families or owners, everything has to be spotless. 

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE): chemical spill protection boots, protective coveralls, disposable non-porous gloves and filtered respirators. Most of this protective equipment is intended for one-time use only.
  • Containers for bio-waste disposal: These may be heavy-duty hazardous materials bags or solid plastic containers that can be sealed to contain health hazards.
  • Cleaning Supplies: Buckets, cleaning clothes, traditional mops, sponges. All cleaning supplies should be disposed of after use.
  • Disinfectant Solutions : These include peroxide and bleach.
  • Industrial deodorizers: These products are available in different types. They can be used in a fog machine. Ozone machines are also used to deodorize the premises.
  • Solvents: They are used to disinfect and fluidize dried blood.
  • Shovels: Used to remove leaking body fluids. They are also used for outdoor crime scene clean-ups.
  • Putty knives: Used to remove organic matter from the hardest surfaces.
  • Razor blades or can cutters: Padded fabrics must be trimmed and removed for proper cleaning.
  • Brushes and long-range cleaning ladders: Used to clean higher surfaces.

It takes a cool head and a strong mind to work as a crime scene cleaner in conditions that are often unbearable. An ability to manage one’s emotions and to take a step back is thus necessary. Rigorous, precise and meticulous, the cleaner demonstrates manual dexterity. Discreet and diplomatic, they know how to follow instructions and work in a team. Crime scene cleaners must also show empathy and compassion. Especially when meeting with families. 

Why do you need a crime scene clean up company?

Hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV are all serious risks at crime and trauma scenes. They are transferred through bodily fluids. For this reason, it is essential that extreme care, caution, knowledge and equipment are used. Especially when attempting to clean up an area affected by trauma.

Decontamination, insect infestation, screening and removal of bodily fluids. These are the basic process of dealing with a crime or trauma scene. It is essential that experienced cleaners be assigned to conduct the cleanup. A professional cleaning company will also have processes in place to prevent cross-contamination.

All contaminated materials must be disposed of properly. It cannot be thrown away with household garbage. An experienced and qualified crime scene cleanup contractor will also be a licensed waste hauler. He will be able to dispose of the materials properly and safely.

What are the requirements for crime scene clean-up companies?

Crime scene clean-up involves the containment, cleaning and disinfection. All potentially hazardous biological materials must be killed and eliminated. It is because of this danger that businesses and cleaners must meet certain requirements. Including graduation and training. These measures ensure the safety of everyone involved. From workers to family or business owners. They return the area to a pre-incident condition.

No industrial license is required to operate a crime scene clean-up business. But state and local licenses and permits are required to conduct certified activities.

It is important for these businesses to use vehicles that comply with strict laws governing the transportation of biohazardous materials. It is equally important that crime scene cleanup crews adhere to OSHA standards. Those dictate how all businesses and employees deal with:

  • Blood-borne pathogens,
  • Respiratory hazards
  • Working in confined spaces.

All that applies to post-mortem cleanup.

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Is your family a victim of a homicide, suicide or other serious blood spill in the home? The quick and discreet restoration of the scene is an essential step on the road to recovery. At Crime Scene Intervention, our job is to help ease this burden. We provide compassionate, client-centred care in the delivery of our services.

The aftermath is more than just blood clean-up. Crime Scene Intervention is a passionate team. We believe that our clients deserve the highest quality service. They should be treated with dignity and respect. In this instance, we maintain the highest standards in crime scene cleanup.

You or someone you know is dealing with a blood spill, death or other trauma cleanup? You can trust Crime Scene Intervention to safely restore your home or business. Our professional and innovative cleaning process provides hospital-grade disinfection. We help protect you from blood-borne viruses and harmful bacteria.

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