Dealing With Unattended Death

Life and death are inextricably linked. In our hearts, we all hope that our lives will be remembered in the thoughts and hearts of those who are important to us. We all hope that when our own lives come to an end, we will be surrounded by our family members and loved ones. In the twenty-first century, the truth of life and death is that not everyone is surrounded and visited by others towards the end of their journey. Unattended deaths are common in our society, and they occur when a person dies alone.

When a person dies alone unexpectedly, the body begins to decay within hours. The truth of the matter is that blood and body fluids quickly begin to seep through the carpeting, flooring, and bedding. The rate of degradation is speedy. As a result of decomposition, harmful germs are released into the environment. Even if the death was caused by natural causes and the body was only left for a few hours, the surroundings must be cleaned thoroughly, quickly, and professionally. If you are an individual family, property manager, or a commercial enterprise, you can use Crime Scene Intervention’s unattended death/ crime scene cleanup services. Trust us to completely clean all the surfaces followed by sanitization and deodorized using our OSHA-approved guidelines of unattended death cleanup. Contact our professionals to request a free estimate.

What does "Unattended Death" Mean?

Death is not something that should be pondered over. However, you might come face-t0-face with an unattended death of a family member or acquaintance at some point. If that’s the case, you’ll benefit from having a basic idea of what unattended death involves and what happens after, including what’s known as “unattended death cleanup.” When a person dies alone, it is known as an unattended death. The remains of a person who has pased in an unattended death are not usually discovered right away.

The following are the most prevalent cause of death in which an unattended death occurs:

  • Suicide
  • Unexpected death due to health problems (like a fatal heart attack or stroke, natural causes)
  • Deceased lived alone
  • Accident
  • Homicide

Unattended death cleanup is a comprehensive, multifaceted operation that aims to return the premises to a safe and habitable condition. Professional biohazard remediation, carried out by experts such as Crime Scene Intervention, who have the necessary gear, equipment, and materials, is the best way to handle unattended death cleaning.

Situations Where an Unattended Death Occurs

Homicide is one of the common situations where unattended fatalities occur. For example, a person is shot in their home by another person, and the remains are not discovered for a period of time. If the reason for an unattended death is unknown, law enforcement and the coroner may open a homicide investigation. Suicide is involved in a significant amount of unattended deaths. Many elderly persons who live alone do not have regular interaction with other people. As a result, a person’s death in this situation could take several days, or sometimes weeks, to be detected.

The competence of cleanup specialists is crucial in preventing harmful infections from infecting those who live in and around the scene of the incident. Our expert specialized cleanup service at Crime Scene Intervention is top-rated for sanitization, deodorization, and crime scene restoration.

Unattended Death Cleanup Service

When an unattended death is discovered, the cleanup is usually left to the family, which can be difficult. No one should have to witness a loved one in one of the stages of decomposition, and the biological materials left behind by a person can be dangerous.

Bacteria and toxins released by a decomposing body can be dangerous to humans and cause severe physical damage to a home or business. In some climates, a decomposed body might impact the livability of a home or property in as little as a few hours. As a result, it’s critical to thoroughly clean and sterilize the scene of an unattended death.

To begin the cleanup process, contact a professional biohazard and unattended death cleaning service right away. At Crime Scene Intervention we sanitize neglected death scenes, wear protective gear, and have specialized training to get the job done correctly, safely, and efficiently.

Why Choose Crime Scene Intervention for Unattended Death Cleanup?

Crime Scene Intervention is a reputable, local unattended death cleanup expert who has been serving local communities for over 15 years. With us, you’ll be ready if and when something unexpected happens.

After an unattended death scene is discovered, the professional technicians at Crime Scene Intervention clean the premises according to Occupational Health and Safety Administration rules. Moreover, our biohazard cleaning specialist adheres to all local, state, and federal safety regulations. Our service includes the proper disposal of hazardous items. We use modern cleaning technologies and use personal protective equipment to keep safe when cleaning the impacted areas.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning Up After a Death?

In case of an unattended death, the remains of the deceased individual may not be discovered for an extended length of time. Indeed, there have been cases of unattended deaths in South Florida where remains were not discovered for weeks or even months.

An unattended death presents a unique set of issues when it comes to cleaning the area of the incident. The recommended plan of action for a deceased family member or a landlord is to hire a qualified, experienced unattended death cleanup expert.

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