Do You Need Crime Scene Cleanup In Florida? Crime Scene Intervention Can Help

A crime scene is perhaps the most traumatic situation in one’s life, but what disturbs many the most is the cleanup. When any tragedy, homicide, assault, or vandalism strikes, the dust has settled, and police and ambulance have left, there is often an uncanny silence that makes all involved feel upset.

If a death or trauma scene has left you in charge of the biohazard aftermath, you can rely on CSI for professional and compassionate crime scene cleanup in Florida. Abiding by the FDH’s trauma scene cleanup regulations, we protect you, your family, and your property from the aftermath effects of crime scene biohazards. Call now for a FREE ESTIMATE for crime scene cleanup in Florida.

Trust The Professionals For Crime Scene Cleanup

We hope you’ll never need us, but we understand that tragedy happens beyond our expectations or control. So when the death of someone or unexpected tragedy or vandalism takes place, we’re at your service to help. CSI offers trauma/crime scene cleanup services to Florida communities since 2005. 

Our trauma cleanup crew has been handpicked, trained, and has had thorough background checks. They will clean the aftermath of a traumatic accident with compassion and respect. 

Our experts are certified and have a thorough knowledge of treating any clean-up situation with empathy, protection of your privacy, and attention to detail. We will clean everything to make your home safe. Forensic cleaning included blood removal, disinfection, hazardous material, fingerprint dust, and other contaminants.

What Education Does A Crime Scene Cleaner Need?

Whether you are wondering why professionals are needed to clean up a crime scene or are interested in a potential career in crime scene cleanup, you must understand that rendering cleanup services for crime scenes is not an easy job. It is physically challenging and mentally draining. At times you might need to deal with tear gas, blood, death scenes, and many types of biohazards. 

While no formal education is required for crime scene cleaners, most cleanup companies, including our trained professionals at CSI, offer OSHA training in biohazard removal, restoration, and beyond. Simply put, the process to be a crime scene cleaner begins with your training in understanding the community, accidents, hazardous materials, and identifying objects that might be helpful for the police. Some things cannot be taught. At CSI, we make sure our cleaners are strong, respectful, precise, and compassionate. Some training programs for professional cleaning services include

  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Personal Protective Equipment Training
  • Biohazard Cleanup Training
  • Medical waste handling and transporting training

Get Emergency 24/7 Response

CSI understands the stress and disturbance you go through after a crime has taken place on your property. Our crew will reach you as soon as possible and clean the aftermath quickly and efficiently. We have located our offices strategically throughout the service areas to provide you with 24/7 prompt crime scene cleanup in Florida.

Our crew is well trained and equipped with modern tools to decontaminate your residential or commercial property after a scene of suicide, break-in, or other violent crime. Call us anytime for prompt crime scene cleanup in Florida.

Why Should Crime Scene Cleanup Be Left to the Professionals?

Biohazard cleanup is not easy at all. It includes trauma, death scenes, suicide, and things like bodily fluids, bloodborne pathogens, biohazards, and other materials with potential threats to human health. Many don’t realize how blood and body fluids splatter and how droplets can make their way into the tiniest of places. If a contaminated area is not cleaned correctly, it may look clean but still pose a threat to anyone coming into contact with the area. Many times, residue even gets into the air vents. If left untreated, contamination can spread throughout a building simply because it was not cleaned as it should have been cleaned. Lack of proper cleaning can lead to illness and unpleasant odor.

What Are Crime Scene Cleaners Called?

Different companies recruit biohazard technicians or crime scene cleaners under different profiles. You might have seen law enforcement officers and victims collaborate to secure the area and collect the evidence, but who cleans the aftermath after the police, and what are crime scene cleaners called?

The one who cleans the blood and biohazard from the site after death or other violent crime is called a crime scene cleaner. These are also known as bioremediation specialists or forensic cleaners. You call these professionals to clean and disinfect the crime scene and render cleanup services with compassion to the families dealing with the demise of a loved one.

Who Pays To Clean Up A Crime Scene?

Chances are you have never thought about who cleans up in the aftermath of a violent crime or unexpected death. Until placed in the situation, many would never give this question a thought. Because law enforcement officers or crime scene investigators don’t have the necessary knowledge and supplies for cleanup services, they do not clean up. Biohazard removal is unsafe if you don’t have proper training and equipment, so it is better to hire a professional cleanup company such as CSI. So, who pays to clean up a crime scene?

In most cases, the owner of the home of the business in which the accident has occurred is responsible for paying for the cleanup. That being said, professional cleanup companies like Crime Scene Intervention can bill directly to your insurance company or provide necessary assistance in claim submission.

Why Is CSI an Expert In Cleaning Crime Scenes?

At CSI, we have over 15 years of experience working as a reliable crime scene cleanup company in Florida. We have a dedicated and professionally trained crew that promptly responds to any cleanup and restoration incident. Moreover, we have advanced cleanup tools, equipment, and experience to clean and disinfect the scene.

Our crew has been in crime scene cleanup work for decades and is very compassionate with the families during the suicide scene cleanup. Unfortunately, we cannot cover the loss of someone’s death, but we can help you clean up the aftermath. We also collaborate with your insurance company to reduce your overheads. Feel free to request a cleanup estimate.

Be it a crime scene cleanup, burglary, or any other violent crime, CSI is the top crime scene cleanup company in Florida. Contact us to get a free, professional, no-obligation quote today!