Hoarder Cleanup Cost

Home to over 21.48 million people, Florida is the third most populated state in America. Hoarding is an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that affects about 5-6% of the world population. This mental condition is more common among adults above 55 years of age. Whether big or small, hoarding is a common problem after disarrangement or excessive/unplanned accumulation. When it comes to cleaning and remediating the situation, hoarder cleanup cost might be the biggest concern.

Hoarding cleanup can be a hazardous chore since it includes dealing with different biohazards, including live and dead animals, feces, urine, bodily fluids, and other hazardous materials. Opting for hoarding cleanup services is the best way to eliminate exposure to life-threatening diseases caused by bloodborne pathogens and bacteria. At Crime Scene Intervention, we have experts specializing in biohazard cleanup. We have OSHA-trained and certified professional cleaners to ensure deep cleaning of the entire home in a few hours. If you have concerns about the hoarder cleanup cost, you can request a free on-site estimate or call our experts now at (561) 250-0822.

What is Hoarding Cleanup?

Hoarding occurs when there is a compulsion to continually accumulate different items. It is important to note that hoarding is not the same as collecting. Collectors usually possess things organized and intentionally, but hoarders do the same in a disorganized clutter. This is caused by hoarding disorder. People with hoarding disorder have difficulty in getting rid of possession due to the mindset to save items. According to Mayo Clinic, hoarding disorder is most common in people over 60 years of age and those with psychiatric diagnoses.

Why Is Hoarding Cleanup Important?

It is essential to clean a hoarder’s house thoroughly because it might contain different sorts of medical waste, animal waste, pet urine, rotten food, and biohazard materials that may lead to severe consequences if not addressed timely. From insects and infestations to mold, mildew, and rot, our team specialized in remediating the hoarding situation to make the home once again safe for living. 

Dealing with hoarding cleanup, especially those involving hazardous materials, is difficult for everyone. Therefore, the best course of action is to hire a professional cleaning company. Hoarding cleanup companies have specialized equipment, a certified clean-up team, and experience. For fast & cost-effective hoarding cleanup service, you can count on Crime Scene Intervention. Request a free estimated cost online or call us.

How Much Does Hoarding Cleanup Costs in Florida?

The most asked of all hoarding questions is, ‘what is the average hoarder cleanup cost’?  As we believe in complete transparency, customers need to understand that it is nearly impossible to estimate hoarding cleanup services accurately. Every hoarding situation is different, and there are different sanitizing methods involved depending on what it is that needs to be treated. Different hoarding cleanup companies use different methods to determine the cleaning costs. Here are some common factors that affect the cost of hoarding cleaning services.

What Are the Factors Affecting Hoarding Cleaning Costs?

With the following factors involved, the cost of cleaning services might vary greatly.

Property Size

The size of the property determines the time and effort needed to be provided by the cleaning crew.

Location of Hoarder House

The location of the hoarder house might affect/increase the cost due to transportation costs.

Type of Property

Some properties are hard to clean due to their design & structure; thus, it might significantly affect the cost of hoarding cleaning services.

Availability of Amenities

Availability of certain amenities such as water, electricity, and plumbing might add to or reduce the cost.

Material to be Disposed

Materials to be disposed of and the method of disposal might greatly affect the disposal costs. In the case of biohazard cleanups, such as urine, animal waste, and other bodily fluids, the disposal fees might increase.

Sanitization/Biohazard Cleanup Method & Supplies

PPE, washers, air scrubbers, and other equipment are required to completely clean and disinfect a property. Furthermore, processes like biohazard remediation might affect cost.

You can always connect with Crime Scene Intervention to get a near-accurate estimation of hoarder cleanup. We are available 24/7 with a professional team.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Hoarding Cleanup Company?

Since the hoarder has accumulated many things in a tiny space for years, cleaning up after a hoarder’s house can be time-consuming and hazardous. Moreover, there is always a potential health risk; that’s why you should avoid DIY hoarding cleanup and count on a professional company like Crime Scene Intervention. By hiring us for your next hoarder cleanup job, you can be assured of professional solutions. Our biohazard team comes with personal protective equipment, plastic bags, and other materials to ensure safe & fast biohazard remediation.

Hiring a professional hoarder cleanup company will save you time and keep you safe from potential health risks.

How Can Crime Scene Intervention Help?

Families often need professional assistance in the aftermath of a trauma or hoarding situation. At Crime Scene Intervention, we have a dedicated OSHA-certified biohazard cleanup team to clean the aftermath of such scenes professionally.

Unlike typical cleanup companies, we leverage modern tools & techniques and sanitization methods to return your home to as close to the pre-hoarding condition as possible. Our goal is to help people with hoarding disorder to live in a clean, clutter-free environment.

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At Crime Scene Intervention, we offer trusted, compassionate, and discreet hoarding cleanup services. If you have doubts about the hoarder cleanup cost, you can request a free online estimation or call us anytime.