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Hoarding cleanup is a specialized cleaning job. You just cannot hire any regular cleaning company for this job. When you hire Crime Scene Intervention, our team develops compassionate relations with clients, builds trust, demonstrates empathy, and keeps our commitments by working with our customers throughout the process. We can assist hoarders or anyone who is dealing with mild to severe clutter.

Hoarding has the potential to make living spaces unhealthy and the environment unsafe. Crime Scene Intervention is the company to call when you need a compassionate and professional approach related to your hoarding cleanup task and waste disposal. Call our team to speak with our trained hoarding cleanup experts, who can design a personalized plan for you. Connect us over the phone to schedule an appointment or request a free, no-obligation hoarding cleanup estimate. Remember to enter the zip of your locations so that our cleaning company could reach you in no time.  And also, feel free to fill our contact us form.

We Offer Compassionate Homocide Cleanup ServicesWhat is hoarding?

The most basic definition of hoarding is when a hoarders’ accumulated possessions and materials make it impossible to function in the living space. This simply means that kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and dining rooms can not be used for their intended purpose. Hoarding is classified into five levels, with level one being little clutter and level five being blocked rooms with several unwanted possessions and materials. Remember that level 5 cases do not develop overnight. If adequate preventive measures are not used by a hoarder, a level 2 or 3 cases can swiftly escalate to a level 5. For many individuals, love for animals adds to the hoarding issues that require a specialized team to address the issue caused by animals effectively. 

Common Trauma and Crime Scenes We CleanA professional hoarding cleaning process

A professional hoarding cleanup process involves professionals who can manage the issues and possessions at hand more efficiently. Our experts are kind and compassionate to treat each customer with compassion. We help to restore your home environment and the mental well-being of the occupant. We at Crime Scene Intervention offer compassion, professional competence, a successful plan, and appropriate equipment. Right from debris and trash removal, biohazard disposal, cleaning and sorting usable items, to sanitizing and deodorizing services, disinfecting bacteria, our trained professionals do it all. Our method is effective in resolving hoarders’ trash issues of varying seriousness. 

Crime scene cleanup- done correctly with compassionHoarding cleaning- We can help

The sign of hoarding is when a home’s usefulness is affected by clutter (of any kind). A severe hoarding issue prevents rooms from being used for their intended purpose. If you’re not sure whether a situation is hoarding or not, ask yourself if all of the places in your house are usable. Is it possible for you to sleep on your bed? Is it possible for you to take a bath? Is it possible for you to cook in the kitchen or dine at the dining table? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you’re probably having hoarding issues. Another essential aspect of it is a person’s inability to let go of goods regardless of their relevance or value. Count on our trained and experts cleaners at Crime Scene Intervention to do the job in terms of :

  • Clearing the clutter using the proper tools and clean up the mess

  • To treat biohazards materials and bacteria effectively 

  • Help locate lost valuables, hidden money, and other valuable items such as jewelry

  • Help with the distribution of items that have been kept for the family members

  • Assist with the paperwork required by local governments or agencies.

  • Helps you get rid of the disorder

Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning supplies for suicide crime scene cleanupHow much does professional hoarder cleaning cost?

When it comes to choosing a hoarder cleanup service provider, the price of the hoarding cleanup is crucial. Certain things like biohazards material are likely to be dangerous, posing severe health hazards. When it comes to the cost of hoarding cleanup, there is never a direct answer. The property’s location, the size of the property, and the type of property are some of the aspects of the job to consider while executing a professional hoarding cleanup. The cost of the hoarding cleanup task is sometimes covered by the hoarder’s renters or homeowner’s insurance. 

Law enforcement & crime scene cleanupWho can help clean a hoarder’s house?

Traditional house cleaning companies are not prepared to deal with hoarding cleanup in terms of equipment, tools, and expertise. Hoarding cleanup is a specialist job that only a professional hoarding cleaning company can do. All our hoarding cleaners at Crime Scene Intervention have received intensive hoarding cleanup training and have successfully cleaned hundreds of houses. Trust us to clean your house and to get rid of any sort of disorder. 

How much does crime scene cleanup cost?What is hoarders’ cleanup?

We sort, pack, clean, carry away the trash, move belongings to storage, launder your items, and disinfect/sanitize hazardous stuff in your home from top to bottom when we do Basic hoarding Cleaning services. We make your life easy- helping you to live a clutter-free life. Helping a person recover from hoarding involves meticulous attention to detail, compassion, and genuine concern for the individual’s mental health and physical well-being. All of which are provided by our trained professionals at Crime Scene Intervention. Request our services over the phone.

What are the 5 levels of hoarding?

As per the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization, hoarding is divided into five levels.

Level 1 – Presence of Minor unwanted items and clutter in your home that do not interfere with the functionality of the rooms for the family and loved one.

Level 2 – Horizontal surfaces, such as countertops, tables, and desks at your home are covered, but the home is still usable, and there are open floor areas.

Level 3- In addition to filling horizontal surfaces in your home, the perimeters of rooms begin to fill as well, intruding on living areas and health for friends, family, and loved ones.

Level 4 – Floors are filling up in your home, and the room’s functionality is virtually non-existent. Plenty of space in the house has restricted access for friends and family.

Level 5 – The most severe hoards in a home. Entry is completely blocked; the weight of the contents puts stress on the health and becomes a fire hazard; there are rodent, insect, bacteria, and biohazard infestations; dangerous materials, structural hazards, and fire dangers are present; odors are powerful and neighbors are complaining;

Connect with us over the phone at (561) 250-0822 if you need compassionate technicians for hoarding cleanup service

Contact CSI if you need compassionate professional cleaners for a hoarding cleanup. You can trust our team when it comes to dealing with hoarding conditions in your house or a loved one’s home. We have been handling a wide range of clean-ups for years, and we can help!

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