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Cleaning up a suicide spot is a specialized job, and not everyone can do it. It requires removing biological hazards and many other things. Whom would you trust to do this job in Fort Lauderdale? Can you ask anyone to do this job? Of course not! It involves extensive cleaning, and Crime Scene Intervention is specialized in doing this kind of job with perfection in Fort Lauderdale. Our team has been doing suicide cleanup in Fort Lauderdale for more than 15 years, and we know exactly what it takes to clean such spots.


Biohazard cleanup services

We at Crime Scene Intervention only care about ensuring that your home or business is safe and livable again after a traumatic incident. We consider our work is complete only when we properly dispose of all contaminated materials as per federal and state regulations. We thrive by following a simple theory: to provide top-rated decontamination and biohazard cleanup services while keeping client’s privacy concerns as our number one priority. Contact us to know how we do it.

Blood spill cleanup Services

Blood spills at crime scenes pose significant health and safety concerns and can result in disease outbreaks if not handled by a certified biohazard technician. Crime Scene Intervention’s professional blood cleanup services focus entirely on cleaning every blood spill and restoring commercial and residential premises free of any infectious diseases like hepatitis and HIV. Our experts’ crime scene cleanup professionals adhere to strict guidelines while cleaning blood spills on crime scenes. Contact us to get the free, no-obligation quote.

Crime Scene Cleanup

At Crime Scene Intervention, we do it with compassion

One of the significant elements of crime scene cleaning is doing it with compassion. These problematic moments demand empathy, and all our experts at Crime Scene Intervention are known to execute the task with utmost sensibilities. Our expert and certified technicians not only provide professional biohazard removal services to homes and businesses, but we also guarantee you a very affordable price and with as little interruption as possible.

Crime Scene Intervention-you can trust a firefighter

All our care experts at Crime Scene Intervention are licensed, insured, and certified to take upon any crime scene cleaning safely and in well-accordance with all applicable laws and standards that need to be adhered to. We understand that these events are sensitive and must be handled discreetly. We ensure to bring a sense of calmness back to everyone impacted, whether the loss is in your home or commercial property. Contact now and see how we are a class apart from other crime scene cleaning service providers.