Crime Scene Intervention

Blood Clean Up & Crime Scene CleanUp For Hotels & Motels In South Florida

Crime Scene Intervention

Crime Scene Intervention: The Experts In Blood & Crime Scene Clean Up For South Florida Hotels And Motels

Suicides and shocking violent crimes take place in the hotel and motel rooms of South Florida every day. Dealing safely and correctly with the biohazards left behind after these unfortunate events is a dangerous and difficult job and, quite honestly, is one that is best left to the experts.

Crime Scene Intervention is the best-known name in South Florida for quick, discreet, and thorough clean up of blood and other crime scene residue from guest rooms. Our goal is to return contaminated hotel and motel rooms to normal as quickly as possible resulting in a minimum of hassle and a minimum lost room revenue for the establishment.

Violent Events Leave An Unpleasant & Dangerous Aftermath In Hotel & Motel Rooms

Once a violent crime or trauma scene has been cleared by the South Florida authorities, it is released back to the hotel or motel. The difficult task of cleaning and sanitizing the guest room is now the sole responsibility of the hotel. Some of the most common crimes and traumatic incidents that take place in South Florida hotels and motels include stabbings, shootings, physically intimate assaults, physical batteries, and -sadly- suicides.

It is an unpleasant fact that these types of traumas leave biohazardous materials behind in the guest room. Blood, fecal matter, and other body tissue are among the organic matter that now must be completely and thoroughly eliminated for the hotel room to ensure that it is safe to be returned to service.

Some of the potential hazards faced by guests and employees in a contaminated hotel or motel room are:


Human blood can carry many infectious and dangerous diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis. These diseases can easily be transmitted through contact. 

Human Feces

Feces can carry cholera, typhoid, and cryptosporidiosis. These highly contagious diseases can infect a guest or employee who unknowingly touches a contaminated surface and then touches their mouth or other mucous membranes. 

Tear Gas & Fingerprint Dust Residue

Both of these substances settle on surfaces and remain suspended in the air in the confined space of a hotel or motel bedroom. When inhaled, they can cause respiratory system irritation.

The Legal Duty Of Hotels & Motels

Crime scene clean up and blood clean up in hotel rooms is a difficult and distressing job, and it is also one that must be completed properly and in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Hotels and motels are under a legal obligation to exercise a reasonable degree of care in ensuring the health and safety of their guests. This means that if a guest sustains an injury or contracts an illness while on the hotel property, the hotel may be held legally accountable. Ensuring that a hotel guest room is completely free from biohazards such as blood, body tissue, excrement, and other contaminants fall under the umbrella of providing a safe and healthy environment for hotel guests.

That is why your first call after a guest room has been released by the local authorities should be to Crime Scene Intervention. Our knowledgeable and experienced team members are available 24/7 to take your call. You can rest assured knowing that we can get a fully equipped team of remediation experts to your South Florida location within two hours to take the job of blood and crime scene clean up out of your hands.

Crime Scene Intervention Has The Expertise To Handle Blood & Crime Scene Clean Up At Your Hotel.

With over 15 years of experience in the suicide, crime scene, and blood cleanup business in South Florida, we are confident that we can handle any cleanup challenge quickly, discreatly, and in compliance with all OSHA and EPA regulations.

Our Cleanup Process.

When body fluids and other tissue are expelled from a body at great force, they can travel quite a distance in multiple directions. As blood is a fluid, it disperses into a fine mist that coats the surfaces of a hotel or motel room and is also light enough to float upwards and into the ventilation system of the room. Because of our extensive experience with crime scenes and blood cleanup, we know what to look for in a contaminated hotel room and we are familiar with all of the unexpected places that biohazardous material can be lurking. In order to ensure that every guest room we clean is completely cleaned and sanitized, we follow a very rigorous remediation system.

Porous Materials Removal 

Any material that can absorb fluid is considered a porous material. This includes all carpeting, bedding, drapery, towels, rugs, and mattresses. Blood and other pathogens cannot be completely removed from towels, bedding, etc. with regular machine washing, and steam cleaning a carpet can drive organic material further down and through to the carpet padding.

For these reasons, the most appropriate course of action is to remove and replace all linens and soft furnishings in the guest room.

Hard Surface Sanitation

The cleaning supplies that hotels and motels typically have on hand are not sufficient to completely remove blood and other matter from hard surfaces such as nightstands, tiles, and mirrors. Crime Scene Intervention teams are fully equipped with EPA registered, hospital-grade cleaning agents to fully disinfect and sanitize all of the hard surfaces in the affected room.

Drywall, Fixtures & Fittings.

Easily overlooked areas that need to be carefully inspected after a traumatic event include the undersides of all tables and countertops, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. Crime Scene Intervention will track down residue in every nook and cranny of the hotel room using special blood detecting equipment and chemicals, and ensure that they are free from any harmful contaminants. If a gun has been discharged or there has been serious physical violence in a guest room, there can be structural damage to drywall, ceiling tiles, doors, and windows. To ensure the safety of hotel employees and future guests, the wisest course of action is to replace these items.

Air Ducts And Vents.

Misted blood is very light and can easily travel upwards towards a room’s air vents.

Failure to deal with blood spray in the HVAC system can result in dangerous pathogens and unpleasant odors being circulated throughout a hotel or motel.

You can count on the experts at Crime Scene Intervention to ensure that these critical areas are not missed or overlooked.

Crime Scene Intervention: Always Ready When You Have A Cleanup Crisis

Crime Scene Intervention is ready day or night to provide emergency blood and crime scene clean up services to the hotels and motels of South Florida. Our team of experts can get to your location fast and take care of cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing quickly, discreetly and with minimum fuss and headache for the establishment.

Call us 24/7 for quick quotes and expert advice and assistance.