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Blood Cleanup Miami

Most likely if you have come across this article it is because you are in need of support to clean up after blood or bodily fluids? Well, if this is the case – you have found the right resource to clean up the blood in Miami. Firefighter owned and operated – Crime Scene Intervention has over 30 years of experience with trauma scene and crime scene clean up in Miami. Accidents happen, trauma occurs, and bodily fluid does get leaked out into homes, offices, hotels, motels, government facilities, and near about any commercial property. It is essential to hire a professional blood cleanup crew in order to avoid the dangers of bloodborne pathogens!

In this article, we will discuss the dangers of blood clean up, who specializes in this field in Miami, and why it’s important to call a professional when dealing with these types of issues! If you find yourself needing service immediately please click CALL NOW and get in touch with Stan!

Dangers of Blood Clean up in Dade County

Some people do not realize the dangers of blood clean up, especially in a populated city like Miami in Dade County! Did you know bloodborne pathogens create:

  • Viruses like HIV and hepatitis B, 
  • Bacteria like MRSA and E.Coli
  • Parasites like Malaria 

As of July 2019, Miami was known as “ground zero for new HIV infections” (CBS4 Miami). Science magazine has published that Miami and Fort Lauderdale are among the top 2 cities for new HIV cases daily (Science). With this knowledge, it’s no wonder that finding the right people to clean up blood in Miami is a difficult process. The person chosen must be knowledgeable for the safety of themselves and those who will come into contact with the area in the future. 

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