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Crime Scene Intervention Blood Clean Up Services For Hotels In South Florida.

Crime Scene Intervention

Blood In Hotel Rooms Is Not Uncommon.

Violent crimes, homicides, suicides, serious accidents, and injuries, they all happen in hotel rooms, and more frequently than you might think. Unfortunately, all of these events are likely to result in blood and other dangerous and infectious body fluids being spilled in any given hotel room. Blood contains many bacteria and viruses that are harmful to humans. These pathogens can cause serious illness or can even be fatal.

The three most common dangerous bloodborne pathogens are:

  • HIV.  Although generally considered to be a physically intimate transmitted infection, it can be transmitted by direct contact with HIV contaminated blood.
  • Hepatitis B. A bloodborne virus that causes very serious liver infection.
  • Hepatitis C. Also a bloodborne virus that causes serious damage to the liver.

Other less common, but high dangerous bloodborne pathogens include:

  • West Nile Virus. Can cause a fatal neurological disease. 
  • Syphilis. An infection that can cause damage to the heart, brain, and other organs.

Hotels Are Legally Responsible For Blood Cleanup.

Once the trauma scene has been cleared and the authorities have left, cleaning up the aftermath is the responsibility of the hotel. It is important to understand the legal responsibility that hotels have towards the health and safety of their guests. Because hotels invite the public to enter their premises, they are required, by law, to exercise a reasonable degree of care to ensure the safety of their guests. If a hotel fails to do so, it is at risk of being held liable for injuries or illness the guest may suffer.  Certainly, cleaning up a trauma scene and ensuring that it is free from bloodborne pathogens falls under the “reasonable degree of care” requirement.

Should Hotel Associates Clean Up Blood?

The simple answer is no. It is always best to have an expert, such as Crime Scene Intervention handle blood cleanup for many important reasons. It is unlikely that biohazard clean up appears in the job description of the regular hotel housekeeping or maintenance crew. And, therefore, they will not have received any training in how to carry out such a task, nor will they be familiar with OSHA or EPA regulations.

The hotel owes the same duty of care to its employees as it does to its guests. Asking a housekeeper to perform a dangerous job for which they are not trained could be considered as failure to provide a safe work environment. The hotel would then be liable for any illness or infection suffered by that housekeeper during the cleanup. Hotel housekeeping and maintenance employees are also unlikely to have access to the correct personal protection equipment that is needed to clean up a room where there is blood and other body fluid spills.

The cleaning chemicals and equipment that are used for day to day upkeep of hotel rooms are not the same as the chemicals and equipment used by biohazard remediation specialists. Ensuring that a hotel room is free from harmful biological matter requires the use of very specific equipment and chemicals. Lastly, hotel housekeeping staff are not trained to inspect a room after remediation to ensure that the job has been done correctly and that there are no health risks to future guests in that room.

Let Crime Scene Intervention Handle Blood Cleanup.

Swift and Professional Blood Cleanup.

Crime Scene Intervention is the South Florida expert you can count on for professional hotel room blood remediation. Crime Scene Intervention has been in the crime scene, suicide, and accident cleanup business in South Florida for over 15 years. We are biohazard and blood odor remediation experts. We have the training, experience, equipment, and materials needed to quickly and thoroughly take care of blood spills in hotel rooms, returning them to the condition they were in before the traumatic event took place. Because we understand the urgent nature of biohazard remediation, our helpful and discrete staff are on call 24 hours to offer advice and give quotes.

We guarantee that we can have a team at any South Florida location within two hours of your call if necessary.

The Crime Scene Intervention Cleanup Process.

Because of our extensive experience with cleaning up in enclosed spaces after traumatic events, we know what to look for and where to look for it. Bodily fluids expelled from a body at speed can diffuse and travel a great distance and in many directions, often landing in hidden or hard to reach places. That is why we employ a very thorough and detailed system for cleaning a contaminated room.

Removal of Porous Materials.

Simply put, a porous material is anything that a fluid can soak into. For that reason, it is important to remove all:

  • Carpeting
  • Bedding
  • Mattress and box spring
  • Drapery
  • Rugs 
  • Towels

Regular machine washing does not remove all stains and pathogens from fabrics and steam cleaning a carpet can sometimes drive blood further down into the carpet padding. The safest course of action is to replace these items.

Air Duct and Vent Cleaning.

Blood expelled from a body at high velocity will form a mist of tiny droplets that can get everywhere, including into the hotel room’s HVAC system. Reputable and experienced biohazard remediation companies, like Crime Scene Intervention, won’t miss cleaning this crucial area. Failure to deal with blood in the HVAC can easily result in pathogens being recirculated and distributed throughout the system and building.

Sanitation of Hard Surfaces.

Cleaning blood from hard surfaces requires more specialized products than a hotel housekeeping staff has on hand. Crime Scene Intervention uses EPA registered, hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants to sanitize all hard surfaces that may have been infected with bloodborne pathogens and odor causing tissue.

Fixtures, Moldings, and Drywall.

Switchplates, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, and the undersides of tables and countertops are all areas that need to be inspected carefully after a traumatic event. Crime Scene Intervention uses special blood detecting equipment and chemicals to track down and remove blood residue in tricky places. Ceiling panels and drywall often sustain serious damage as a result of a gun being discharged in a hotel room. For the safety of all, it is our practice to remove and replace these areas completely.

Why Choose Crime Scene Intervention?

For hotel room cleanups that involve direct contact with biohazards such as blood, Crime Scene Intervention is the first choice of South Florida hotels. All of our team members are trained in OSHA and EPA regulations relating to biohazard remediation. Our experience and attention to every detail ensure that your hotel room will be returned to service quickly, and in pristine condition. We use only the highest quality equipment, and all of our cleaning and disinfecting agents are EPA registered and of hospital grade. Our helpful agents are available by phone 24/7 and our response time to your emergency is  2 hours or less.

Our team members are ready to offer guidance on insurance claim requirements and we guarantee discretion and complete privacy every cleanup assignment we complete.