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CSI Crime Scene Intervention has provided suicide cleanup and suicide crime scene care since 2005. Are you dealing with the aftermath of a suicide? Trust our competent and compassionate professionals to provide qualified guidance through the steps of scene cleanup and decontamination. We also understand that the suicide of a family member, neighbor, employee, or tenant is a horrible tragedy. Many are not aware that Suicide Cleanup is the family’s responsibility in South Florida. Municipalities will not clean up any bodily fluids. We know this is a very painful and difficult time. Contact our caring team for help. We are available immediately to answer questions and can discuss payment options.



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Providing the highest standards
of suicide cleanup>:

  • Strictly adheres to OSHA regulations
  • Strictly adheres to API WorkSafe guidelines
  • Deploys EPA-registered hospital-grade cleaners and disinfectants
  • We keep your environmental and emotional needs in mind
  • Help with insurance company questions

Privacy Disclosure Statement

Privacy disclosure for Suicide CleanupCircumstances may arise that you may need the assistance of specialized cleaners in order to restore a specific room or banquet facility on your property to a safe and clean state. Employees need proper training on how to clean blood and handle hazardous waste. This training can be very costly for a business. We would like to offer our services to you so you can prevent harm to your employees through the mishandling of contaminated items and disposal of blood and body fluids.  Remember, this is a suicide crime scene and we must abide by local and state laws. We have worked closely and cooperatively with local law enforcement and have an outstanding reputation for our professionalism and sensitivity in traumatic situations. Due to this proven track record and rapport, we have many references available upon request. We are here to support the families of these events; Suicide Cleanup should not be left to the affected family alone. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. Crime Scene Intervention is the leader in a suicide crime scene and Suicide Cleanup in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami Dade County.

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