Requirements for Crime Scene Cleanup in Florida

Crime Scene Intervention CompanyCleaning up crime scenes takes a lot of time and effort. A crime scene cleaner is called upon to deal with a wide range of different situations. He or she must be able to show professionalism, even at the most horrific scenes. Are you interested in a career in crime scene cleaning? This article will help you see things more clearly. You will have a better understanding of what this job entails.


What are the crime scene cleanup training and background requirements?


The crime scene cleaner trade does not need a university degree or certification in most American states. It is especially important that crime scene cleaners have the following qualities:

  1. Compassion. Crime scene cleaners find themselves in tragic circumstances. Their role is to provide support and comfort to the victim’s families.
  2. Stamina. The job of a crime scene cleaner is physically demanding. Technicians must don biohazard suits, full face masks, respirators, and several sets of gloves. This reduces their freedom of movement.
  3. Training. Most crime scene cleanup agencies ask for special training for their current and future employees. This training should cover best practices, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety hazards. The most significant risks are due to exposure to blood-borne pathogens.
  4. Integrity. Clients trust crime scene clean-up crews to clean up their property, as well as any personal property on it. Their privacy must be respected. Many crime scene clean-up companies subject their technicians to random drug testing. In addition, they require applicants to undergo a background check.
  5. Commitment. Victim’s families often have an urgent need for crime scene clean-up services. And this is often during odd hours. Crime scene cleaners must be prepared to honor their commitment. They must have flexible availability.
  6. Attention to detail. Crime scene clean-up work can present several health risks. This is true for both residents and responders. It is thus essential to follow protocol and pay attention to details.


How is this different from a typical cleaning service?


Crime scene cleanup is more than just cleaning. Teams completely disinfect the contaminated surface with specialized cleaning products. They are able to resolve situations that traditional cleaning services cannot handle.

  • Tear gas cleaning

Police services sometimes use tear gas at crime scenes. After that, the clean-up can be very difficult. A building will continue to be unsafe until all chemicals have been removed.

  • Cleaning up unattended deaths

An unattended death is one of the most challenging circumstances facing crime scene cleaners. Many people tend to underestimate the harmful consequences this type of incident can have on their property.

  • Suicide

Blood and other biological materials must be cleaned up with extreme caution. Unlike an ordinary cleaning crew, a crime scene clean-up crew has the tools and skills required to restore a scene completely and safely.


Crime Scene Intervention is the industry leader in crime scene clean-up services. All of them are associated with trauma and biohazards. We believe that our highly trained staff is what makes the difference. Contact us to learn more about our services and career opportunities.