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Risk and Procedures of Unattended Death Cleanup

Risk and Procedures of Unattended Death Cleanup

An unattended death is sad and devastating. Aside from that, families have to deal with cleaning up the place and facing the trauma of their loss. If a loved one passed away in an unattended death scenario, you need a crime scene cleanup Fort Lauderdale to help you out.

What is unattended death?

Unattended death refers to the situation when a person dies alone or outside the care of a healthcare provider. On the crime scene cleanup Fort Lauderdale, this condition will raise some sanitation issues.

Many cases of unattended deaths go by without being discovered for days, weeks, or sometimes, even months. It’s a sad reality that can often happen in a person’s home.

If the person doesn’t have scheduled visitations or has exhibited isolated behavior over the months, the discovery of the body may take much longer.

The following are some of the common cases unattended death:


*Death by natural causes



What happens after death?

When a human body dies, dangerous pathogens will start to build up as the body enters the decomposition stage. This will begin within 24 to 48 hours after the death took place.

Bloodborne pathogens require the help of a crime scene and suicide cleanup company. These people have the right tools and skills to sanitize the area from communicable diseases.

When it comes to gunshot deaths, blood splatters will be everywhere, making the contamination much intensive. Aside from that, families need the help of suicide clean up Fort Lauderdale to skip the trauma of seeing the location.

Other issues that may arise after an unattended death

Aside from the emotional trauma of unattended death, there are more issues at play when it comes to the crime scene and suicide clean up.


It could emit from the decomposing body, spoiled food, and other decaying matter on the death scene. As part of the crime and suicide cleanup, odor neutralization will be performed together with sanitation.

An unattended dead body will produce a strong smell that can emanate all over an apartment floor or building. This needs intensive cleanup.


If the person was living alone, he or she might have hoarded rubbish in the location. With this, hoarding clean up Fort Lauderdale is also needed aside from sanitizing the area.

Based on our experience, unattended death cleanups are also accompanied by the need to declutter. Instead of the families digging through the items, we will handle it to reduce the exposure to possible pathogens and contaminants. Our hoarding cleanup Fort Lauderdale is tried and tested no matter how massive the rubbish collection could be.

*Pest residue

The pests present in the area before the death aggravates the sanitation issue. Its effects will blend in with decomposition, thus the need for professional crime scene cleanup services.

Predatory insects will also feed on the body if it’s left undiscovered for days.

Final words

Unattended deaths are devastating. Aside from that, families have to deal with cleaning up the place. But to save them from harm and hassle, it’s best to hire a crime scene cleanup service to do the job.