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Suicide Crime Scene Intervention

The dust has settled, and the sirens have faded away. The officers have gone, leaving you with a disturbing and traumatic suicide crime scene in your house, business, or elsewhere on your property. In addition to blood and bodily fluids, you are left alone to deal with the property damage and any other mess left behind. What are your options, and who do you call? You may believe you are alone, but you are not. Calling a professional suicide crime scene cleanup company such as CSI- Crime Scene Intervention- should be your next move. For over 15 years, we have specialized in compassionate and meticulous suicide crime scene cleanup in the South Florida area. Contact us for a free consultation and no-obligation crime scene cleanup estimate.

What is a crime scene? What is a crime scene?

A suicide crime scene is horrifying, especially if the victim was someone you knew. There’s blood everywhere, as well as curious bystanders, detectives, and a horrible odor that begins much more rapidly than people assume. Memories follow, and it’s difficult to imagine the victim’s ordeal. In such cases, many simply want to get rid of anything that reminds them of the traumatic experience. The initial stage in this process is to clean up the crime scene. This should be done by a professional crime scene cleanup service provider. Cleaning up a suicide crime scene is not simply cleaning the blood and bodily fluids; it also involves eliminating the memory of the trauma. We at CSI- Crime Scene Intervention- take this very seriously and always complete a comprehensive crime scene cleanup during these tough moments.

Who is responsible for crime scene cleanup?Who is responsible for crime scene cleanup?

Most people have seen crime scenes in films and drama series like Law and Order. They know that when the sirens go off, paramedics and police arrive, detectives search the area for evidence, and police take the body from the crime site. Movies rarely go any further than that. So, what happens when the police have left, and forensic investigations are completed?

Family and friends are left with a bloody scene that they must clean as soon as possible to remove the disturbing signs of trauma. Crime scene cleanup can be extremely draining for you or your loved ones. Blood carries diseases that can rapidly spread if space is not entirely decontaminated and restored. Germs can remain in the home after a poor cleanup. Moreover, while cleaning the site, it is essential to remember that contact with bodily fluids can expose the cleaner to bloodborne pathogens, raising the danger of infection. That’s why it is always recommended that you hire the most professional crew for cleaning a crime scene.

Crime scene cleanup- done correctly with compassionCrime scene cleanup- done correctly with compassion

When you are left with a crime scene to clean up, it can expose you to several potentially deadly biohazards, including HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and MRSA. All such diseases can be spread by blood or bodily fluids. If the crime scene cleanup isn’t done correctly, some infections can remain inactive for years before reactivating. We make your safety a top priority for us at CSI- Crime Scene Intervention. We are meticulous and thorough, ensuring that every suicide crime scene intervention is disinfected to a hospital-grade level while showing the grieving compassion.

Crime Scene-Do not cross

Cleaning supplies for suicide crime scene cleanupCleaning supplies for suicide crime scene cleanup

A mop and detergent are insufficient to decontaminate a crime scene and to protect you and your loved ones while cleaning in the presence of biohazards.

Here are some of the materials you’ll need:

  • Protective gears such as gloves, masks, aprons, ventilators, and goggles
  • Bleach solution, soap, and microbial disinfectant
  • Absorbent cloths to wipe up spills
  • Specialized biohazardous trash disposal containers
  • Steam cleaners

Law enforcement & crime scene cleanupLaw enforcement & crime scene cleanup

A positive relationship with local police and law enforcement has always been critical for a professional crime scene cleanup company. Police departments across South Florida request our crime scene cleanup services. If a crime scene has occurred, you will need a crime scene cleanup professional that is certified. We at CSI- Crime Scene Intervention can assist in the cleaning of any crime scene.

How much does crime scene cleanup cost?How much does crime scene cleanup cost?

Most people have a lot of concerns while cleaning up a crime scene. The most popular question is how much does crime scene cleanup cost for services like biohazard cleaning? It’s crucial to realize that the cost of crime scene cleanup isn’t necessarily your responsibility. Insurance and other victim advocate programs in various places may cover it in some cases. When you contact us at our website, one of our crime scene crew will explain everything to you. 

In addition, the cost of crime scene cleanup is not solely determined by the amount of cleaning required. Many other factors come into play, such as trash disposal expenses, dumpsters, and other goods that are required in the process.

CSI (Crime Scene Intervention) for expert crime scene cleanup services

Since 2005, CSI- Crime Scene Intervention has been providing expert crime scene cleanup. Trust us to safeguard you, your family, and your property against the impact of dangerous biohazards in the case of a violent crime in South Florida and nearby communities. Call us for a free, no-obligation suicide cleanup consultation and quote.

Call (561) 250-0822 if you need a discreet, professional, and caring crime scene cleanup service.

Our expert crew of technicians at CSI (Crime Scene Intervention) specialize in removing body fluids such as blood, tissue, and excrement frequently found in crime scenes. 

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