The Real Costs of Hoarding Clean up

All hoarding situations are unique in terms of the diversity of factors involved.  For many, hoarding is associated with congestion and disorganization. What’s more, properties affected by hoarding are also considered to have lost their value. At Crime Scene Intervention, we know that this is not true. Keep reading to see how much it could cost you to get back on your feet.

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Hoarding Clean up?

It is common for people to choose to hire casual workers. They are then paid on an hourly basis until the work is completed. This is problematic for many reasons. The worker’s not licensed, bonded, or insured, and his background is not checked.

The work could cause damage to the client as well as to the worker who hasn’t taken necessary sanitary precautions. It is thus important to entrust this work to qualified professionals.

Fake Beliefs About the Costs of Hoarding Clean up

Depending on the amount and severity of cleaning, cleaning costs can vary from $0.75 to $2.00 per square foot. It is common to think that the cost of cleaning the house is included in the price of garbage removal. The truth is that this varies from business to business. Either way, cleaning is the last step. The priority is to declutter and disinfect the premises.

The lower the threat to a person’s safety, the lower the cost of the work. The presence of bio-hazardous materials will considerably increase the cost of the intervention.

When Psychology Comes Into Play

Working with someone who suffers from a hoarding disorder can be complex. It is difficult for this person to change his or her habits overnight. If every item is being examined individually before its disposal, the cleanup can take an endless amount of time. Especially if there is strong resistance from the person with the disorder. In this situation, costs inevitably increase.

Major Factors Determining the Costs of Hoarding Clean up

The presence of biohazardous materials is one of the main factors behind the cost of hoarding clean up. These substances are a health risk to all inhabitants. This is why biohazardous clean-up is extremely specialized and requires:

  • High degree of training
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Appropriate equipment

It is good to know that out-of-town businesses often charge more than local businesses. The amount of equipment used also affects costs. The average price of a container is around $400.

The presence of harmful chemicals is another factor that can have a significant influence on the price of clean-up work. The simplest cleaning offers are limited to the removal of all objects from the property. But in the case of hoarding, responders must be prepared to stumble upon hazardous materials, cluttered in invisible corners.

The last factor is the law. If the responder wears PPE and follows OSHA guidelines, then the hourly cost will be lower.

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