Top 10 Crimes in Florida, USA

Knowing the most common crimes in your area can help a lot to prepare and during times of need. Everyone should be knowledgeable enough about the place they live in because it could be useful for them. Being aware of this information can make adapting to your surroundings easier. Especially now that there are a lot of ways a crime might happen around, we should know how to address this situation properly. You may begin from crime prevention measures to crime scene cleanup Fort Lauderdale in case your place got involved. Choosing the right crime scene clean up Fort Lauderdale can also be a good step. 

We know these are a lot to take in but you should learn about the common crimes in your region. Here are the common crimes according to DUI and Criminal Attorney John C. Murphy:

  1. Drug Crimes: One of the most acute crimes in the world is Drug Crimes and Florida is not an exception to this. This is because three out of ten crimes in the area are due to drugs. Both possession and sale of illegal medicines happen in your area so you should take caution to avoid charges.

  2. Theft: Aside from drugs, theft became second of the top crimes in Florida. Due to this, everyone should be watchful of their possessions and properties to avoid being a victim of a robbery.

  3. Assault: Another thing that you should mind apart from your belongings is your wellbeing. Florida has assault as a third of its common crimes so you should take some steps to protect yourself and your loved ones.

  4. DUI: Driving under the Influence is strictly prohibited since it can cause more problems in the streets. That’s why officers prevented people to go on the road while drunk. However, DUI making it fourth on the list proves that citizens should discipline themselves to lessen this crime.

  5. Aggravated Assault: People in Florida may have suffered more attacks since aggravated assault reached fifth in the list of top crimes. Reports show that an assail happens every nine minutes so everyone should assure their safety to avoid this.

  6. Liquor Law Violations: Another frequent citizen violation is underage drinking so parents should give their children more attention to prevent more offenses.

  7. Burglary: Like we mentioned earlier, everyone should make sure their property is safe. This is because there are people who would intently infiltrate your home and it can be a threat to your wellbeing.

  8. Fraud: Fraud, a technical crime, came to be the eight of the list and it is not good for the credibility of Florida. This is because it is a form of cheating that many formal institutions are not fond of and can cost a lot of charges.

  9. Robbery: Nothing inside your property can be safe enough since money stealing made it to the top. So it is highly advisable to make an effort to secure your things.

  10. Vandalism: Lastly, vandalism is also one of the most common crimes and everyone should make an effort to prevent them.

Now that you know the top 10 crimes in Florida, you can come up with the right ways to protect what is at risk. No one wants to be a victim of these crimes right? To ensure the security of your place is good because it is always the right thing to be always prepared. Moreover, we recommend considering planning for other situations too. The list did not include suicide but it is also good to find a suicide clean up Fort Lauderdale just in case. Also looking for the best hoarding clean up Fort Lauderdale could become handy in some situations.