Unattended Death Cleanup around Holidays

When it comes to an unattended death and crime scene cleanup, family members quickly realize that cleaning the affected area’s scene can be a difficult time. When tragedy strikes, the shock can be overwhelming for surviving loved ones to handle the mess left behind. Survivors are left with emotional devastation which can make the cleaning of the unattended death unbearable. Crime Scene Intervention is here to help with our cleanup services. We know the EPA regulations, have the certification requirements, proper supplies for the affected areas, and have trained professionals who are aware of the health hazards that come with cleaning the scene.  Crime Scene Interventions are the ones to call to get the job done.

The knowledge of losing someone in the family or a friend to an unattended death is heavy. To have to deal with the cleanup of the death is significantly more traumatic. After the removal of the body by law enforcement, it is completely natural to be unsure of the next step. As a family member or loved one, you may want to clean up the scene, but it is important to note that crime scene cleanup requires specific personal protection equipment because bodily fluids can cause potential health risks. Due to this reason, the cleaning should be executed by other companies with a team of professionals who have the proper EPA-registered hospital-grade cleaners to complete the job with the utmost safety in mind by adhering to OSHA and API WorkSafe guidelines. The family is responsible for many aspects of the death from the funeral arrangements to handling police reports, notifying the community, worrying about medical costs are among the top. To avoid further trauma contact CSI to focus on the death cleanup while you focus on healing.

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Who is responsible for unattended death cleanup?

When unattended deaths occur they can be left unattended for a few hours or a few days before family or property owners become aware of the death. A death that is left undiscovered can pose serious health risks. Many people do not know the first step to addressing an unattended death, the shock leaves grieving families feeling overwhelmed in the wake of the incident. Once you call the emergency number, law enforcement is dispatched to the scene where they analyze the crime and follow the protocol thereafter. Once the body is removed from the scene and taken for evidence, it is the property owner’s responsibility to clean up. Usually, family and friends do not know that property owners or property managers are responsible for the cleanup of the traumatic event. To assist, the state or police department will provide a list of other companies within the area to assist in the cleaning. This is especially true when dealing with unattended death cleanup. Sadly,  during this difficult time, the owner is left with the affected areas that contain hazardous substances such as bodily fluids that can create a potentially dangerous situation. 

It is best to contact the professionals to perform a death cleanup.

Why hire professionals?

Unattended death scenes can be problematic in cleanup services. Unattended deaths can present health hazards because the dead body could have been left undiscovered for a few days which means the body could have started decomposing. To avoid health risks, an unattended death cleanup is a process that should be left to the professionals. Blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious disease created by hazardous substances are existent at the crime scene. It is important when a person dies, the affected areas contaminated by bodily fluids like blood need to be disinfected using the correct cleaning supplies recommended in EPA regulations. Professionals have the OSHA and EPA certification requirements and are familiar with the guidelines from governing and advisory bodies such as NIOSH and DOT. As a business, Crime Scene Intervention employees are trained to handle, transport, and dispose of biohazardous medical waste disposal from suicide or homicide. 

Another reason to hire a professional is that most biohazard crime scene cleaners are familiar with insurance claim requirements. A company like Crime Scene Intervention can get the crime scene cleanup cost covered by the insurance company with their knowledge of insurance payment policies.

Professional 24/7 Unattended Death Cleanup Services
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What are the possible hazards?

To many, a death cleanup may seem like your standard cleanup. In reality, bioremediation requires much more than your common Saturday chores. In a cleanup that involves the death of an individual, there is a certain forgotten risk posed by blood, bacteria, and infectious disease. If not handled properly, the spread of blood-borne pathogens and the infectious outbreak is high. In a death cleanup, blood-borne pathogens carry deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C regardless of it the blood is dried or not. Because of the high exposure, Crime scene cleaners have the proper training and education to be aware of the risk associated with an unattended death. According to CSI, “Crime scene cleanup requires industry expertise, specialized equipment, and appropriate certifications” since the scene contains hazardous compounds. Professionals have an ATP test, which measures cell activity, including blood-borne pathogens. Cleanup services are not completed until CSI’s ATP test registers zero RLU (registered light units). This is how we measure our accountability to our biohazard remediation process.

How long does crime scene clean-up take?

The time it takes in an unattended death cleanup differs from case to case and is dependent upon the extent of work required to properly clean the house. CSI will assess the scene, construct a plan of action to provide to the client and a timetable. The timetable ultimately shows the client when they can expect the work to be completed. During the services, employees of CSI will keep open communication with the client so they are aware of every step of the disinfectant procedure.

When you choose Crime Scene Intervention, you are choosing more than just crime scene cleaners. You are choosing compassion, respect, experience and you are choosing safety. 

Crime Scene Intervention is there for grieving families who lost a loved one. We provide unattended cleanup around the holidays, 24/7. If you recently experienced an unattended death, call 561-250-0822