What does a decomposing body smell like?

Decay and its decay is a complicated process, but let’s try to extract from it what we are most interested in here. What is responsible for the smell?

The death of a person triggers the rapid decomposition of the body. An unpleasant odor is immediately released. This odor is due to the different gases created by microorganisms. It happens during the different stages of decomposition.

The smell is extremely unpleasant. But it can also be dangerous! The decomposition fluids that cause this stench will immediately infiltrate surfaces such as:

  • Carpets
  • Sub-floors
  • Walls
  • Concrete
  • And many others

It’s not easy to recognize the smell of a human corpse if you’ve never been in a situation like this. To give you an idea, some people compare the putrid stench of a decomposing body to that of a rotting fruit.

This awful smell cannot be eliminated by a simple traditional cleaning. The entire affected area must be disinfected here. Make sure that the odor does not seep into the depths of your house or apartment.

What causes a decomposing body to smell?

The human body begins to decay spontaneously after death. No external bacteria are needed for this. Still alive cells are subject to digestion, resulting in large amounts of hexanal. It is this substance that gives its specific smell to freshly mowed grass.

As a result of cell decomposition, trimethylamine is also released when the organs are relatively fresh. The smell is comparable to a paint solvent and a nail polish remover. A few days later, when the body becomes bloated, a sharp smell of indole can be detected around the decaying body.

Is the smell of a decomposing body dangerous?

A body decomposes immediately after death. It can damage personal property and the structure of a building. All porous materials are contaminated with both liquids and odors.

Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to try to clean up the crime scene on your own. This work is the responsibility of a professional crime scene clean-up company. This not only reduces the risk of contamination, but also gets rid of unpleasant odors forever. It’s not as obvious as that, because the smell of death can persist for a while. Professional help is thus necessary.

Removal of dead body smell: Contact Crime Scene Intervention

Corpse odor is characterized by its heaviness. It has the ability to attach itself inexorably to an area. If the body of the deceased has been found and evacuated late, tenacious odors of putrefaction have become encrusted in the surrounding materials. They will not leave.

It is important to carry out space treatments with dry gases. This enables the penetration of all porous environments and surfaces. This is the only professional solution to be sure that all sources of germs, bacteria, and sources of odors have been eliminated. A simple wetting spray and a good cleaning are far from being enough. 

Crime Scene Intervention will carry out a highly technical intervention with guaranteed results. Need help? Get in touch today to find out more!