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CSI, Crime Scene Intervention, has provided professional crime scene cleanup since 2005. In the event a violent crime has occurred, our crime scene cleaners can help protect your health, the health of your family, and your property from the aftermath effects of potential biohazards. We specialize in cleaning material that other cleanup companies will not touch, such as bodily fluids, including blood, tissue, and excrement, that are often the result of a crime scene. We understand this is a difficult and often very confusing time for those left in the wake of a tragedy. Once law enforcement has left and you are left with the burden of trauma cleanup, you can trust CSI to deliver compassionate, professional, caring service. Unfortunately, these events happen, and having a professional service come in for decontamination and remediation services is necessary to keep your property safe, clean, and habitable.  Contact us for crime scene cleanup services and rid your location of potentially harmful bloodborne pathogens. We can help.



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Trained and experienced crime scene technicians

Has your residential or commercial property been the scene of a suicide, homicide, burglary, break-in, or any other violent crime? We have the cleanup tools, training, and experience to thoroughly clean and decontaminate any biohazard or hazardous materials at the scene.

You can count on our expert technicians to decontaminate, remove, and remediate the following:

  • Blood
  • Tissue
  • Fluids
  • Fingerprint dust
  • Tear gas
  • Unattended Death biohazard material
  • Other pollutants used during the police response

Feel free to download our 21 Point Checklist to get a scope of our training requirements and regulation standards we meet when performing a crime scene cleanup.

Crime Scene Cleaners You Can Trust!

“After learning about the unlivable condition of a relatives’ home, I turned to the professionals at CSI. They immediately met me at the property and quoted an acceptable price. As with any job, I did my due diligence of quoting three competitors. After numerous phone conversations and in-person interviews, I went with my gut and hired CSI.

The crew arrived on time and worked countless hours to complete the job. This was a very difficult time for my family, and the experts at CSI made the cleanup easy and quick. I fully recommend CSI to anyone in need of comprehensive cleaning services. Not only did they make a very difficult situation easier, they over delivered on every promise. Their team of experts are courteous, tireless and incredibly hard-working.”

-Laura S

"South Florida's Trusted Source for Crime Scene & Suicide Cleanup"


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