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Crime Scene Cleanup involves direct contact with bio-hazards such as bloodborne pathogens. Regulations from OSHA and the EPA are involved in scene cleanup and CTS decontamination activities.In an emergency, response time is critical. Your business demands fully trained, highly qualified crews to handle your hazardous material spills. CSI can guarantee an environmental specialist on-site anywhere in South Florida within two hours.

FAQS about crime scene cleanup

What is Crime Scene Cleanup?

Crime Scene Cleanup is the decontamination and remediation of biohazards primarily associated with crime scene cleanup, from violent crime or suicide cleanup or the cleaning of the site of an unattended death. Other situations associated with crime scene cleanup include the cleaning of drug manufacturing such as meth labs or homes involving hoarding or animal infestation.

Why hire a Crime Scene Cleanup company?

Crime Scene Cleanup involves direct contact with bio-hazards such as bloodborne pathogens. There are OSHA and EPA regulations involved in scene cleanup and CTS decon activities. Our cleaning professionals are familiar with insurance claim requirements and insurance payment policies. Because of these regulations and safety concerns, crime scene cleanup or trauma scene cleanup is best left to professionals.

Who is responsible for Crime Scene Cleanup?

It is usually the responsibility of the property owner to have the scene cleaned and decontaminated. This means that family members, often still mourning the loss of a loved one, must make the arrangements for scene cleanup and decontamination.

How does Crime Scene Cleanup work?

CSI employs trained professionals, who not only understand the federal regulations involving blood borne pathogens and biohazard decontamination, but also the need for compassion and discretion. Our cleaning professionals handle site remediation quickly, quietly, and thoroughly

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