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We recognize that this is among the worst scenarios you can find yourself in. Any trauma cleanup presents a difficult ordeal, and suicides are among the most stressful. You’re in need of quick, discreet service – and you need it carried out immediately and efficiently without any extraneous back-and-forth. 

We know this is a difficult matter, and we know you now have many concerns to attend to. Let us step in to see to the challenge. We work quietly, interact sensitively, and will get the job done thoroughly and fast. It’s important to us that you feel assured that it has been properly handled. So, put your trust in us, as a team owned and operated by professional firefighters, and let us help you feel as comfortable and secure as possible, given the circumstances. 


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For trauma cleaning services, we are on hand to take care of your needs day or night. Do not hesitate to call our friendly team at any hour.

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During moments like this, you shouldn't have to worry about being overcharged. For any quote you receive, we will beat it by 10%.


We will do whatever it takes to protect your privacy before, during, and after our work is complete. Prefer that we come at 2am? That’s when we’ll be there.

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We have been in business since 2005 and worked as first responders for many years prior. We know how to get the job done right.

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Reach out by phone or email, and a member of our team will reply right away. We will discuss pricing and then settle on a time to arrive and carry out the needed work.


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Suicide Cleanup Delray Beach

Looking for a team of crime scene clean up? We at Crime Scene intervention provide Suicide Cleanup Delray Beach and other related crime scenes clean up. Our team of professional firefighters is an expert in emergency response in the biohazardous cleanup. We are also experts in clean up like accidents, trauma, staff inspection cleanup, foreclosure clean up. Each cleanup that we do has the objectives of restoring the place to a safe, non-hazardous state as quickly as possible. We provide excellent service to all of our customers and help them clean all the blood and body fluid for home or business areas.

Hence, with years in the industry of crime scene clean up, the most call that we receive is suicide. It is very despairing but we need to do our job and clean up the place so that it won’t be dangers to other people. For any crime scene clean up we are here ready to serve and clean up the place.