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CSI Crime Scene Intervention has been providing exceptional biohazard and odor cleanup since 2005. Trust us to rid your residential or commercial property of airborne and blood borne biohazards, including feces, urine, pet urine, rat droppings, and blood. Clients also count on us for decontamination and odor control.Contact our experts to ensure proper decontamination of an impacted scene. Our professionals are expertly trained in EPA and OSHA regulations for biohazard cleaning. Your safety and health is our topmost priority.

Expert protection from all biohazards

  • Airborne biohazards – enter the respiratory tract through the eyes, nose, and throat and will remain dormant or become active in a short time.
  • Blood borne biohazards – enter the body through the eyes, throat, anus, and other orifices and cause illness and death in humans.

Don’t let offensive odors linger

Do you need odor removal help? We are odor removal experts. Count on us to get rid of urine odor, feces odor, smoke odor. And even human decomposition odor by taking care of the source of the problem. We know that the only true way of getting rid of an odor is to remove the offensive material, and thoroughly clean the affected area.

We can treat the source material, including biological materials, bodily fluids, urine, and feces by using the most modern techniques and products. In most situations, we can completely destroy the odor molecules. If left untreated, odors can migrate through the flooring, sub flooring, insulation, ceiling below, and then to the floor and subfloor below that. Call our skilled and highly-trained team for immediate help.

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