Crime Scene Intervention


Crime Scene Intervention (CSI) has provided staph, MRSA, and other infectious disease cleanups since 2005. We know that the potential for the spread of infectious diseases has never been higher. Especially now, the general public understands the need for disease control. When cleaning such locations, personal protective equipment and training are essential. Alcohol based hand sanitizer can help treat some infectious disease, but it is simply not enough when it comes to ridding a location of dangerous infectious diseases, putting you and others at risk. Body fluids and other infectious material require cleaning and disinfection. In most cases, even the light switches much be decontaminated. Healthcare facilities have staff members dedicated to such cleaning, but what happens when you find your home or business infected? Are you worried about a possible outbreak from a case of COVID, staph, or another infectious disease on your property? Contact our expert sanitization and decontamination technicians to help protect you and your property. 



Crime Scene Intervention


Infectious Disease, Crime Scene, & Suicide Cleanup 24/7 Emergency Service

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Bloodborne Pathogens & Infectious Disease Cleanup

Infectious Disease cleanup is not something to take lightly. Whether bloodborne pathogens are the concern or airborne infections, infectious diseases need to be cleaned up by highly trained professionals with the proper personal protective equipment and training. Don’t take on a tough, infectious disease-cleaning job yourself. Health Hazards Posed can be overwhelming and life-threatening. It is imperative to go beyond surface cleaning when decontaminating areas of any communicable disease.  You can count on our highly-trained team to use universal precautions and extreme caution when entering an infectious disease cleanup situation. We thoroughly clean and disinfect locations exposed to staph infection, C-diff, MRSA, Hepatitis B, or any number of viral infection or antibiotic-resistant bacteria, along with other infectious diseases.

We understand the risks of infectious diseases such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, C-diff, MRSA, and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infections. Count on our training and experience to properly eliminate the threat of disease outbreaks. Your safety and health is our topmost priority, and we adhere to OSHA cleanup standards.

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